Non-academic Self-initiated

Particle Zoo

Particle Zoo is the graduation project for my BFA degree.

Particle Zoo is an educational application helping children practice alphabets of various languages, using real-time particles which describe creatures.

The application consists of continuous stages and each stage teaches one word, especially a name of a creature you can see in a zoo. In the beginning of each stage a silhouette of a creature appears on the screen with alphabet nodes below, waiting for a child to complete a correct name of the silhouette by dragging & dropping the nodes on the blank slots like a crossword game.

If the child hit the correct answer, a mass game of particles starts. The silhouette fades out and thousands of colorful particles fly into screen and form the creature of the silhouette. The child can interact with them as long as he wants until pressing ‘next’ button. Each particle imitates the creature on their every movement and interaction. After the child presses the ‘next’ button, particles fly out of screen and the next stage starts.

The spelling system is generic and independent of language, so Particle Zoo can be localized for almost every language.

Particle Zoo was coded in Processing with Java and OpenGL. It supports both multi-touch and mouse-based interaction.