Young-Ho Kim, PhD - HCI Researcher & Builder

This page showcases my out-of-research activities, hobbies, or past activities I engaged in before I became an HCI researcher.

Logos & Typefaces for Research Software Prototypes

My research usually involve software prototypes (e.g., apps and webs) that are deployed and used by study participants. As a starting point of each research project, I design a logo or typeface for my research prototype. I use it for spash screens, icons, or even for presentation slides. I do it mostly for fun, but it also improves the originality and professionality of the design.

Academic Branding Design

Since I have a design background, during my PhD I was involved in a couple of branding projects for academic entities such as university departments and academic conferences. I designed identities, websites, posters, or proceeding books.


3D Graphic Works for Mechanical Things

I started 3D modelling since I was 14. I am also a big fan of robots like Transformers, and mechanical concepts like Steam Punk. Here are some old works that I did in the past. All designs are my original.