Young-Ho Kim, PhD - HCI Researcher & Builder
This page covers the research internship at NAVER AI Lab particularly under my mentorship.
HCI Group at NAVER AI Lab
Working with Me

Thank you for your interest in working with me! To streamline our conversation, please send me your CV and a brief research plan that you want to pursue with me at NAVER. Given that our interns tend to be pursuing a PhD, we don't assign you a research task; I usually have several iterations with applicants to elaborate their research plan to the direction not only that fits their thesis topic but also that can be strengthened with AI, ML, or NLP components. Typical internship period is 3 months long and can be extended by up to additional 3 months.

As you might have seen on my home and publication pages, my research interest broadly covers the personal/health informatics systems equipped with AI and NLP technologies, with methods including (1) building and evaluating novel interactive systems and (2) obtaining empirical insights around existing technology or prototyped probes. It means that such directions are what I can best advise on. However, even if your research interest is quite far from mine, I will also try my best to match another mentor at NAVER AI Lab.

An ideal outcome of the research internship is to submit an academic paper to top-tier venues, such as CHI, UIST, UbiComp, and CSCW. As typical internship period is 3 months, most applicants are highly expected to have one or more first-authored publication record in the HCI-related top-tier venues, including CHI, UIST, CSCW, or UbiComp.

Present and Past Interns

*The affiliations are based on the internship period and may not reflect the latest information.

Eunkyung Jo
PhD student @ Univ. of California, Irvine
Internship: 2022.6 - 9, 2023.6 -
CHI Best Paper
Donghoon Shin
PhD Student @ Univ. of Washington
Internship: 2023.6 -
Woosuk Seo
PhD candidate @ Univ. of Michigan
Internship: 2023.5 -
Taewan Kim
PhD Student @ KAIST
Internship: 2023.1 -
Sukhyun Lee
MS Student @ Yonsei University
Internship: 2023.1 -
Jing Wei
PhD student @ Univ. of Melbourne
Internship: 2022.5 - 7
Mina Huh
Upcoming PhD student @ Univ. of Texas, Austin
Internship: 2022.4 - 6